Updating mx records

Posted by / 04-Dec-2019 10:53

MX records are a critically important part of a web site’s DNS because they tell the rest of the internet where to send e-mail for a domain.Most domain-level c Panel interfaces include a tool for changing the domain’s MX record.Update the domain’s serial number near the top right of the zone file and save your changes.Finally, back at the command prompt, run rndc reload to tell the server to start using the new settings.If you are using the default settings for both hosting your website and handling your email, then you don't need to change the MX records.

Using your favorite text editor, open the file called db (where is the name of the domain you want to edit) and make your changes.

Find the line with a drop down menu showing MX as the record type, as shown below: Enter the new MX server name in the text box on the far right (be sure to include a . Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the Save button.

MX records can only point at names, not IP addresses, so we will need to create a new name for that IP address.

Log in to your WHM and find the section on the left labeled DNS Functions, as shown below: If you choose Edit DNS Zone you will be taken to a list of domains.

Pick the domain you want to change and click on the Edit at the bottom of the screen.

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Your domain must be using our DNS servers in order to set MX records on our system (see How to Change Domain Nameservers (DNS)).