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After a general discussion about security and the enabling technologies, a sample application and code examples, written in C#, demonstrate practical uses for these technologies including a server XML Web service and client applications for devices running Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Standard.(16 printed pages) Introduction SSL SSL Setup for Servers Device Certificate Installation Device Certificate Verification SSL with SQL Server Compact SSL with the .The update is also available in the MU catalog for download and deployment. Here’s how the offering matrix looks like depending on the .When you synchronize your WSUS server with Microsoft Update server (or use the Microsoft Update Catalog site for importing updates), you will see that there are two updates for . The difference in the updates is scoped to the different applicability logic for targeting different computers. NET Framework version you have installed on your machine.Security can roughly be divided into the following categories: Authentication means knowing who (users) wants access and providing proof that users really are who they claim to be.

This update is available in the Windows Update applet within the Control Panel. Changes shipping in this release are covered in the . As a Recommended update, the deployment will be rolled out to various geographies globally over a few weeks.

NET Compact Framework Calling a Secure XML Web Service SSL with HTTP Compression SSL with SQL Server 2005 Web Service Extensions Conclusion Security, in general, is highly important in any IT solution.

The importance of security is especially true for systems that include mobile devices because they often connect by means of public networks (such as General Packet Radio Services [GPRS] and hot spots) outside the safer environment that an intranet provides by using firewalls, spam filters, and so on.

NET Framework 4.6.1 from being deployed to these client machines in order to allow testing of internal applications to be completed before deployment.

In such scenarios, administrators can deploy a registry key to machines in order to prevent the .

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Confidentiality focuses on preventing data from being available to a user who doesn't have the proper access rights (for example, encryption).