Updating ports tree

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This is a bit more of an extensive procedure and will add some time to any recovery that your disks require in the future (until you re-enable these features).To do this, before you apply any updates, boot into single user mode.If you see any updates to the kernel, a reboot will be needed to prevent strange behavior.You can do this by typing: Currently, there is an upstream bug with the Free BSD update procedure being worked on here.A safer alternative is to disable soft-updates or the journaling of soft-updates on the filesystem prior to updating.Soft-updates are at the core of the issue, so this will prevent the reboot hang.We recommend that you keep an eye on the bug report so that you can revert these changes when the upstream fix is available.

Updates are not automatically installed so that the administrator can decide on an appropriate time.

If there are updates, you will see a list of software impacted by the update.

You can scroll through with the down arrow or page through with the space bar.

From here, you can either turn off soft-updates or soft-update journaling.

To disable soft-updates completely, type: After the boot is finished, you can fetch and apply Free BSD updates using the procedure described above without the reboot hang.

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You can do this by typing: Next, go into the Digital Ocean control panel for your Droplet and click on the "Console Access" button to get to the web console.

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