Updating smartboard mandating hsa

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Updating smartboard

So here’s a quick guide which explains how to get your hands on Smart Notebook 11.4 (0r older versions of version 15 and version 14).

First, click here to visit the Smart Notebook Download Page.

The resources are organised by subject, age group and category to make them easy for you to find.

In this example, BIO 484 Hematology (4); 2,4, the first number indicates lecture contact hours, and the second number indicates lab or studio contact hours. The total contact time may exceed the course credit hours.Prerequisites: ACCT 288 and BUS 200 or permission of instructor. Accounting Technology (3); Fa, Sp A study of computerized financial accounting technology using integrated accounting systems. Selected Topics in Accounting (3); Variable Course in a topic or topics in accounting. The course focuses on a firm’s 10-K fillings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). American Sign Language 1 (4); Fa, Sp This course introduces the student to American Sign Language (ASL). Selected Topic in Anthropology (I-4 VC); Var Course in a topic or topics in anthropology. Prerequisite: One introductory course in sociology or anthropology. Research Methods in Social Relations (3); Fa This course is the first in the series of methodology courses offered by sociology.The course will analyze various components of the firm’s filings, including financial statements, management discussion and analysis, footnotes, and auditor’s opinion on financial statements and footnotes. Governmental Accounting (3); Sp This course covers accounting principles and procedures for governmental and institutional units and fiduciaries. It is interactive, and develops basic ASL competency and imparts grammatical and cultural knowledge useful to the beginning signer. American Sign Language 2 (4); Fa, Sp This second half of the beginning-level American Sign Language course expands the general objectives of the first course. Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archaeology (3); Fa, Sp Introduction to the subdisciplines of physical anthropology and archaeology in the investigation of the origin, distribution, adaptation and evolution of early humans, up to the rise of civilization in the Old and New World. The course examines the ways in which social scientist investigates society and social phenomena.You’ll see a large purple box where you are asked to enter a licence key. Instead, click on the tiny purple writing below that that says “I know what software I need“. From the dropdown box under “Select your version” you can now select Smart Notebook 11.4 You can now choose whether you want the Windows or Mac version, and whether you want the web installer or a USB version which you can put on a stick and install on other computers.Finally you”ll need to enter your name, email address and other details.

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For my PGCE students I recommend getting hold of 11.4 which allows you to run Smart Notebook to prepare for lessons on a Smartboard, but doesn’t need a licence key.