Updating spreadsheet values using functions vba

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Updating spreadsheet values using functions vba

As you'll see in this Excel tutorial, VBA Function procedures can play a key role when creating complex and sophisticated macros. Even if you're not very familiar with Excel, you're probably familiar with the concept of functions.The reason for this is that, even if you've never used Visual Basic for Applications, you've probably worked quite a bit with worksheet functions.The reason why I believe that, regardless of your opinion about the need to create new functions in Excel, you'll find this Excel tutorial interesting is that, indeed, it explains how to you can create your own custom functions (technically called VBA Function procedures).And, just in case you believe this is unnecessary, this guide also provides strong reasons why you should consider creating and using these custom VBA functions.The following approach makes use of a workaround described here and here to enable a worksheet function defined in VBA to set the value of another cell. Cell C5 will now only show "Text A" if B5 contains the word "green".

To ensure it is functional, select a different spreadsheet, then select a single cell where you want the sum to be inserted.Then, a macro that is triggered when the worksheet recalculates reads the global variables and sets the target cell to the specified value. You need to define your requirements in order to get help on your specific situation.Use of the custom function is straightforward: Option Explicit Public trigger It As Boolean Public the Target As String Public the Value As Variant Function Set Cell Value(a Cell Address As String, a Value As Variant) As Long If (Is Cell Address(a Cell Address)) And _ (Replace(Application. Address, "$", "") Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() If Not trigger It Then Exit Sub End If trigger It = False On Error Go To Clean Up Application. If you don't want C5 to have a formula, you can also use a VBA approach.All the relevant examples are included in the Excel workbook that accompanies this tutorial.You can get immediate access to this workbook, for free, by clicking here. In general terms, a procedure is the part of a computer program that performs a particular task or action.

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It can be used as a worksheet function (WS) and a VBA function (VBA) in Excel.