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Updating table from another table

Note the use of the alias CAT for the CATEGORY table in the FROM clause.The previous example showed an inner join specified in the FROM clause of an UPDATE statement.Because of the restriction on the CATGROUP column, only one row qualifies for the update (although four rows qualify for the join).

But the 2nd Where clause simply return the message of `more than one row is return', since the id is unpredictable and this create a `many to many' relationship in both tables. Many Thanks, (script) REM* the where-clause of the update cannot work UPDATE table b SET column_b1 = ( SELECT MAX(column_a1) FROM table_a a, table_b b WHERE a.id=GROUP BY a.id) WHERE table_IN (SELECT MIN(id) FROM table_a GROUP BY id); Your example is somewhat confusing -- you ask "update column a1 in table a where data in column b1 in table b" but your update shows you updating column b1 in table B with some data from table a. Every month the client office is to give data(NEW & EDITED) "BY DATE RANGWISE" to the headoffice in CD. Now, you "two step" it: insert into gtt select b.id, count(*) cnt from tabb b, taba a where = and a.cycle = b.cycle and b.site_id = 44 and b.rel_cd in ( 'code1', 'code2', 'code3' ) and b.groupid = '123' and is null group by / that gets all of the id/cnts for only the rows of interest.

How to update Columns from one table using data from another with SQL?

How to UPDATE certain records from a table using data from related records in another table of the same database?

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The WHERE clause ensures that only rows updated in the Customer table are those that have related fields in my Customer: Disclaimer The origins of the information on this site may be internal or external to Progress Software Corporation (“Progress”).

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