Updating web page without refreshing

Posted by / 06-Jan-2020 14:32

Updating web page without refreshing

I run IE, Firefox and Google Chrome (with no added toolbars or the like) - all of these programs suffer from the same ailment, which would suggest that it's not an issue with an individual browser.

Some recent history with my computer - about a month ago, I got a virus and had to format my hard drive and reinstall Windows Vista.

Each time you refresh the data, you see the most recent version of the information in the data source, including any changes that were made to the data.

Security Note: Connections to external data may be currently disabled on your computer.

I still get a page showing the news stories from three days ago. Bizarrely, sometimes when the auto-refresh kicks in, an even older page loads!

As we've discussed before, your internet browser - be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or any of the others - typically keeps what's called a 'cache' of recently downloaded files.

To change the recorded macro so that the query runs in the background, edit the macro in the Visual Basic Editor.

Change the refresh method for the Query Table object from Background Query := False to Background Query := True.

Start the process at a time when you do not need immediate access to other files, and make sure that you have adequate disk space to save the file again.

You can refresh an external data range automatically when you open the workbook.

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The next time that you start Excel, you will be prompted for the password again if you open the workbook that contains the query and then attempt a refresh operation.