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Usgs groundwater age dating

What is the average length of time to complete a Phase I? It should be noted that a warranty on the environmental condition of the site cannot be provided, nor a guarantee of any kind.

Analyze and assemble the data into a final report stating conclusions and recommendations either that no further study of the site be undertaken or that a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment be initiated. Determine whether there are any unique environmental factors, observations, or aspects of the site history which would justify further investigations. All of the following are REQUIRED when completing a Phase I and can delay its completion.

It is not meant to be a detailed, comprehensive investigation based on quantitative or qualitative analytical data.

Agricultural (may be indicative of pesticide or herbicide used).

As the "poster fish" for conservation biology, has endured there for at least 10,000 years -- possibly up to 20,000 within this nearly inhospitable submerged cavern environment.

Key to their survival is the 19-by-8-foot "shallow shelf," a portion of the long collapsed limestone roof providing the pupfish with crucial forage and spawning habitat.

NPL [Superfund], FINDS [EPA's Facility Index System], CERCLIS, RCRA, Open Dump Site listings, ERNS [Emergency Response Notification System], and the State Priority List, UST Facility Information, and Solid Waste Facility Information listings. Indicate other agencies contacted, the name of the person contacted, and the information obtained. State the name and address of any listed facility found to be within one mile of the site.

State and local agencies will be contacted as necessary to determine if environmental monitoring or enforcement activities, investigations or claims are or have occurred on or near the site, and if industrial or waste water discharges to surface waters occur near the site. Based on the search, indicate the distance and direction from the site to these facilities. Review title information of the property (provided at Client's expense), and Sanborn Maps, if available, to obtain information on past uses of the property possibly pertaining to the storage, treatment or disposal of hazardous substances. Interview the current owners, employees, neighbors, government officials etc., regarding present and previous uses of the property and surrounding area, to a reasonable extent.

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