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Unfortunately a Source Dedicated Server does not support u PNP.So if you are connected through a router, you will need to manually configure your router to forward port 27015 for both TCP and UDP to allow players from the public Internet to connect to your server.If for some unknown reason you are unable to get Rev Emu to work with your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Dedicated Server, then try Luma Emu from the steps below.

You may need to download using Internet Explorer because Firefox and Chrome blocks all files from the website.2.

Extract the downloaded Luma Emu file using an archiver that supports RAR format.3.

Open the extracted Luma Emu, go to x86 folder and copy the file to C:\srcds\bin\ directory.4.

After it’s finished downloading Steam CMD, click on the folder icon located beside the Download Steam CMD button and extract file.5.

Click on the Browser button for the Steam CMD path and select the folder where Steam CMD is extracted to.6.

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You will have to refer to your router’s manual in order to setup port forwarding.