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Printing / Mailing / e Filing E-Delivery & Web Presentment Ellie Mae 1098 Filing Solution 1099-K Filing Software 1098-T Filing Software Electronic Corrections Filing e File My TIN Matching Services Managed Services & Hosting CA 592 Filing Contractor Reporting IRS Combined Federal/State Seminars Bulk TIN Checking is an essential compliance and risk mitigation service that identifies TIN/Name mismatches prior to filing with the IRS.

" Every week we get inquiries exactly like this from financial institutions, Fortune 1000, e-Commerce distributors, health care and other legitimate B2B enterprises. Yes there are answers, Yes there are things that can be done and no its not expensive compared to the cost of doing nothing.

Thats 3 Federal laws that require verification of EIN, SSN, Date of Birth, Drivers License, name & address and related merchant, applicant and borrower data points.

LIBERTY Data Inc via its system offers solutions to verify each of these points and Prevent Fraud, Manage Risk and validate each of these data point in Batch, by API real Tim queries or on its website.

So that leaves out the small / and micro businesses. TIN Matching: Tax Identification Numbers can include EIN Employer Identification Numbers or SSN Social Security Numbers.

Our TIN Matching database combines all available in house records into a simple 2 part API call consisting of ENTITY / NAME fields and 9 digit TIN Number.

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Another great option to validate your TIN/Name combinations via individual checks or bulk!

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