Validating marriage

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Validating marriage

Some may not necessarily realize or even accept this, but there is research that bears this out.

The Grant study, coordinated by George Vaillant, has become the longest longitudinal study on the lives of men.

Unfortunately, many couples keep their communication on the superficial level.

Ogletree commented: “Superficial communication can supplant deep and meaningful conversations.

I need you to replace the batteries.” An active destructive comment may be intended to undermine and discourage your spouse as they begin a new phase of church service: “I tell you, this new calling is going to take a lot of extra house every week!

And dealing with all those people is going to be nothing but drama!

What follows is a discussion of some basic practices needed to foster and build emotional intimacy with our spouse.

However, men also need warm and intimate relationships in order to flourish in their lives.

The power of these intimate relationships influenced very real aspects of the men’s lives, such as income and personal happiness.

Relative to income, although all of the study participants entered the workforce with an education from Harvard University, the 58 men who had the highest scores regarding warm relationships made about 0,000 more per year than did the 31 men in the study with the worst scores on relationships.

We want to be vulnerable and communicate about things of real importance to us, even things that make us feel vulnerable.

For example, Douglass Brinley and Mark Ogletree, LDS marriage and family therapists and BYU religion professors, have taught that there are three levels of communication in marriage.

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The path of marriage is God's plan to ultimately exalt us, and therefore it is expected that we will do more than just coexist or live parallel lives in our marriage.

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