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Validating rapid micro methods

Methodologies covered will include: passive treatments using resistive elements (sound absorbers, vibration damping) and reactive elements (tailoring of material stiffness and mass); active control of sound and vibration; and numerical analysis. 3 Hours The concepts of noise and vibration control applied to mechanical systems. 3 Hours Laws of thermodynamics, auxiliary functions, thermodynamic relations, phase transitions, thermodynamic equilibrium, thermodynamic properties of solid solutions, surfaces and interfaces. 3 Hours Fundamental relationships between the structure and mechanical behavior of materials. 3 Hours Introduction to the mathematical theory underlying the analysis of general spatial motion. 3 Hours Review of undamped, damped, natural and forced vibrations of one and two degrees of freedom systems. 3 Hours Introduction to probability distribution; characterization of random vibrations; harmonic analysis; auto- and cross-correlation and spectral density; coherence; response to single and multiple loadings; Fast Fourier Transform (FFT); applications in vibrations, vehicle dynamics, fatigue, etc. Prerequisite(s): MEE 301, MEE 312, or permission of instructor.

3 Hours Emphasis on the integration of sensors, micro-controllers, electromechanical actuators, and control theory in a 'smart' system for a semester-long design project. ► It is the first time to analyse seven neonicotinoid residues in maize, millet and oat.Kelly Kissock, Department Chairperson See the Doctoral Degree Requirements section on the School of Engineering page and consult with the department chair. Prerequisite(s): (MAT 501, MAT 502) or permission of instructor. The physical/mechanical properties and application of various materials (k.e. Phase Change Heat Transfer & Interfacial Phenomena. Stability analysis of linear and nonlinear systems. Fundamental concepts include forward and inverse kinematics, workspace, Jacobians, and singularities. The formulation and solution of design problems involving the sizing and placement of these mechanical systems to accomplish specific tasks is the primary goal. 3 Hours Trajectories and velocities of moving bodies are designed and analyzed via the principles of classical differential and algebraic geometry. Thin shell theory: theory of surfaces; thin shell equations in orthogonal curvilinear coordinates; bending, membrane, and shallow shell theories. Computer application for multi-degree of freedom, nonlinear problems. A method using dispersive solid-phase extraction and dispersive liquid–liquid micro-extraction cleanup followed by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) has been established for determination of seven neonicotinoid insecticides residues in grains including brown rice, maize, millet and oat.Based on an appraisal of the characteristics of HPLC, validation experiments were conducted for seven neonicotinoid insecticides.

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Introduction to unsteady one-dimensional motion and shock tube theory.

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