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In doing so, we will look at different options for modeling user information in a database, and then see how to associate this data with the user accounts created by the Membership framework. There are a variety of techniques that can be employed to capture user information in a database and associate it with the user accounts created by the Membership framework.

In order to illustrate these techniques, we will need to augment the tutorial web application so that it captures some sort of user-related data.

After adding this first field, marking it as the primary key, and settings its default value, your screen should look similar to the screen shot shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Add a Primary Column Named tutorial, the Membership framework is designed to enable multiple web applications with different user accounts to share the same user store.

That is, if a user makes one or more guestbook comments, and then we attempt to delete that user account, the delete will fail unless his guestbook comments are deleted first.

Foreign key constraints can be configured to automatically delete the associated child records when a parent record is deleted.

After defining the primary and foreign key tables and columns, click OK to return to the Foreign Key Relationships dialog box.

Figure 4: Establish a Foreign Key Constraint Between the Tables (Click to view full-size image) At this point the foreign key constraint has been established.

Then click the Save icon in the Toolbar to save the table and the this relationship.There are number of different ways to accomplish this: table for each user account.This type of relationship is referred to as one-to-one.The table illustrates how to store information that shares a one-to-many relationship with user accounts.Since each user account may have an arbitrary number of associated comments, this relationship is modeled by creating a table to hold the set of comments that includes a column that links back each comment to a particular user. We now need to associate three columns with each user account to store the user's home town, homepage, and signature, which will appear in his guestbook comments.

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Now that we have the data model created, we are ready to use it.

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