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In a cruel twist of fate, she was suffering from a recent stroke.

Paralysis of the left side of her face rendered her fluent in spoken Polish as a side-effect, much as some victims of car accidents who lose much of their frontal lobes suddenly become able to recite the radio broadcast of the 1954 World Series to delighted crowds.

Poles considered these letters too "girlish." Fortunately, Polish poet Jan Kochanowski invented several letters that looked even more idiotic than the Czech ones.

It also finds use among priests, bishops, and at annual conventions of knights.The Polish language (TPA/MPL: Pòlščŷz͆na; SPA/MPL: Polski) refers to the rustling, hissing, and hushing sounds heard in the nation of Poland.It also refers to the inscrutable rules of grammar and spelling that the Polish people have devised to represent these baffling noises.Those who speak Traditional Polish sound pedantic, or else have drunk too much vodka.It has two key advantages over Modern Polish: However, Traditional Polish is still recognized as an official form of Polish, and is taught in addition to Modern Polish in all Polish schools, primarily to kids who are sent to detention.

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" American linguist Bobcat Goldthwaite observed that "It seems that Polish has only one phonetic unit to represent all 50 letters of its alphabet.

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