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I lived in the cheap attic upstairs and rented out the room downstairs.

I was starting to drink a lot and it seemed like a good idea to start drilling holes.

She was going out picking up other hot lipstick lesbians but she went back to their place to fuck but I was thinking oh fuck I'm gonna get the show of a lifetime. The two-way mirrors have an easy tell-tale for figuring out what they are.

The easy fix for that is to put another piece of glass against them so the amateur test will show space between the finger tip and the reflection.

When rebuilding the bathroom and storing the new parts in my bedroom i slept on the attic for a few weeks.

Never heard the neighbors before, even on warm days with open windows, and i found it it was mostly because of the great isolation my house had.

Next year 2019, we shall have “One night in Ho Chi Minh City”. Dates I have in mind are pre-CNY or mid-Autumn festival. Our trip will generally be in HCMC, and all the way to the Saigon River mouth to enjoy the majestic South China Sea and coastline. If you have a tour company whom we can try, please yell.

I could hear them walking up the stairs and her wearing heels because of the clicking, then found out the attic was not as good isolated as the rest of the house was and with the open roof windows i could hear them clearly talking. He hired a prostitute for sex and making pictures, so i could hear him comment on her body like "squeeze that big tits" or "spread that hot pussy". After a while i heard him saying he was going to fuck her hard and the noise began.But anyways I had the place booked for the length of the Olympics but that cunt blew up the world trade center and it fucked up the whole Olympics so instead of making thousand I barely made enough for a plane ticket to get the fuck out.I started to watch this one couple fuck but she was a big hog and I just couldn't do it.I was always worried he'd surprise me passed out with my pants down around my knees and my eye pressed against the hole in the floor.I also started to think he was a chester due to his working with kids and the shit ton of pics I found.

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