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The research suggests that professional athletes are rarely formally charged with crimes related to domestic violence or sexual assault, even when there is evidence against them.[20] And in the cases where these professional athletes are indicted, they are almost never convicted.If the leagues continue to shape their collective bargaining agreements and/or personal conduct policies[21] based on the results of the justice system, we cannot solve this problem—professional athletes are not punished as harshly or as consistently as their general public counterparts.[22] We value professional athletes for their aggressiveness and brute strength and, without consequence, we have created a class of individuals who are above reproach when these characteristics present outside of the game.If a Permanent Injunction is granted, it will be good indefinitely or until dissolved by the Court.A sheriff will try to serve the respondent with a copy of the pertinent court documents.The point of the debate should never be the reaction of the survivor.However, it is telling to learn that the Baltimore Ravens suggested that , Janay Rice, apologize for her role in the domestic violence incident alongside her husband.

First, many victims of domestic violence and sexual assault do not report to the police.Domestic Violence must have occurred between you and this person or you must have reasonable cause to believe that domestic violence is about to occur between you and this person in order to be eligible to obtain an injunction under this statute. An assault can occur if someone intentionally threatens to cause you physical violence, even if they do not touch you.This threat must be by word or act and the person threatening you must have done something to make you believe that this violence is about to happen.Ray Rice, the esteemed running back for the Baltimore Ravens,[4] was caught on camera punching Janay Rice—his then fiancée and now wife—unconscious in a casino elevator and then, with seeming indifference, dragging her limp body from the elevator. Jones, who found the penalty “arbitrary” because Ray Rice admitted he struck Janay Rice and never misrepresented the facts to Commissioner Goodell[6]—the increase in the suspension seemed solely linked to the public backlash, largely influenced by the images caught on camera, rather than any new evidence.This action resulted in an initial two-game suspension handed down by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but was later increased to an indefinite suspension after the graphic video of the events that took place inside the elevator surfaced.[5] Ray Rice appealed the indefinite suspension and, ultimately, it was overturned by a neutral arbitrator, former U. As Judge Jones wrote, “That the League did not realize the severity of the conduct without a visual record also speaks to their admitted failure in the past to sanction this type of conduct more severely.”[7] As in many domestic violence cases, Janay Rice has supported her husband throughout the media storm, criminal process and league punishment.[8] It is unfortunate that her personal life has become the fodder for a much-needed debate that should have been happening for some time.

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Each of MLB, the NFL and the NBA has consistently doled out punishment for off-field conduct unrelated to the game, such as driving under the influence, using non-performance enhancing drugs like marijuana and even making racist or homophobic statements (which, while repugnant, is not criminal behavior).

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