When did eric and calleigh start dating

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Expect anyone from Scotland to use weird insults, insist on wearing kilts, play bagpipes, and to be very aggressive.

If they're portrayed positively, expect them to be loud, and your typical Proud Warrior Race Guy.

a mock democracy run by a clique of corrupt generals).

Interestingly enough, despite the fact that most Slavic countries are significantly poorer than their West European neighbors and their history of being sold as slaves or discriminated against in some of the most egregious ways known to mankind, having them portrayed in an unfavorable (or rather "traditional") light very rarely results in backlash similar in any way to that whenever the offended party is of not-White and/or not-Christian origins.

The association of Muslims with terrorists started in the 1970s, and other bad news coming out of the Middle East (Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, the fatwa against Salman Rushdie,...) only made these ideas more widespread.

Combine this with the rise of Muslim immigrants in Western countries around the same time and its becomes more clear why both the jokes themselves and the caution to make them have risen.

And they will be depicted as being stingy misers who would rather die than pay a dime. The Dutch They are some of the most stingy persons you will ever encounter.

Expect them also to be environmental activists, fanatical supporters of healthy food, preachy Moral Guardians etc.

Italian Americans Old stereotypes would have them as either mobsters or the wives/daughters of mobsters. They're backward, colorfully dressed nomads with funny accents.

In much of Asia, depressingly, black people are Boers/Afrikaners During the 1980s era when international revulsion against Apartheid was at its height, there was a brief tendency in British and American works to have white South Africans, especially Afrikaners, turning up as villains, even in stories with nothing particularly to do with South Africa.

If they weren't the Big Bad, they were usually Psychos For Hire, and visually portrayed in a manner bordering on that of the Evil Albino (which isn't even accurate, since many Boers have fairly swarthy complexions from having lived for centuries in a semitropical climate).

The latter typically portray themselves as whatever kind of doofus works best, and are usually reviled for it by other Turk-descended German citizens.

The Scottish Much like the Irish, they are portrayed as drunk and violent, with emphasis on violent.

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White Anglo-Saxon Protestant males White people, being the majority of Americans for now, are the group that are the least discriminated against, but actually there is quite a lot, albeit tame in nature. Irish-Americans Cast as being in the seat of white privilege (which means, of course, that they're Catholic Celts who are considered WASPs), and still obsessed with their heritage and worse days that may or may not have existed.