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Who george clooney dating

"Exactly." Tony shook a couple more Junior Mints from the box and sat on the opposite arm of the sofa."But most guys like Staff Sergeant Mc Mannis can't buck the system and get away with it like you and me." "I bucked the system? "I enlisted when I was seventeen and got married when I was twenty-one, Di Nozzo, just like my old man." "Yeah, but come on, Gibbs." Tony grinned."So," Gibbs picked up the thread of their earlier conversation while he waited for his coffee.

Besides," Gibbs focused on the coffee cup in his hands, turning it slowly."Meaning he should have known better than to get involved with a woman so far out of his league? " "The galley's open all night." Tony smiled, remembering. "Let's go." When the elevator arrived, Gibbs pushed the button for the main floor."Uh, Boss, the cafeteria's in the basement across from Nuclear Medicine." "And the coffee there tastes like bilge water from a nuclear submarine." They got off the elevator and Tony followed Gibbs down a hall and around several corners.Even the Kennedy was probably easier to navigate than this place.But since Gibbs had pretty much haunted the Bethesda halls the whole time Tony had been stuck here last spring, Tony figured he probably had every source of caffeine mapped in his head.

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"Author Notes: Episode tag for 3x11 - Model Behaviour Chapters: 1 Tony winked at the nurse and followed her directions to the staff sergeant's room.

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