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Who is edward norton currently dating

The TV show: It's early stages, but NBC has ordered a pilot, presumably based around the idea of a law firm being run by the devil.

John Wells and Arnold Kopelson, who produced the film, are developing the TV show.

They played a secret service agent and an aspiring assassin, respectively.

A plot to kill the president brought them into conflict.

It's an occasionally hilarious movie, arguably the most prominent movie showcase for Al Pacino in shouty mode.

Cunningham collaborated for the mask-wearing killer Jason Voorhees' first film back in 1980.The TV show: The news broke recently that, instead of making a fourth film to finish the cinematic franchise, Lionsgate are thinking about moving the series over to TV instead.This was news to the cast, it would seem, so we'll have to wait and see what happens next. The film: Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer starred, in a film that earned no less than six Oscar nominations.was a solid hit on release, and the title pretty much gives away what it's about. The TV show: This one's just been picked up by ABC, and it'll be loosely at best linked to the film (although it'll use its name).Hanks plays a man whose friends decide to throw him the ultimate bachelor party. The show, a half-hour comedy, will focus on three couples at different stages in their relationships. The film: Earning Tom Hanks his first Oscar nomination, the beloved 1988 comedy drama ) has penned the scripts.

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It was loosely based on real life gangster Whitey Bulger and his childhood friend John Connolly, who joined the FBI.

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