Who is jensen dating

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Who is jensen dating

He struck me as a real genuine, humble, respectful guy who would give the shirt off his back to help someone.

He's considerate and thoughtful and Keen to the work that he does, he doesn't take all the credit.

I just wish he got more respect as an actor because he deserves to be known; and don't get me started with the one single tear thing he does make my heart melt and you just want to cry with him.

I agree with everyone else and what they said about Jensen ackles he does make you feel something for any character he takes on and that's what an actor is supposed to do let us feel for the character and he does that wonderfully.Dean Winchester is an extremely complex, highly damaged man with a lot of emotional baggage who could easily be played over the top by a lesser actor, or played as simply a shallow jerk, especially given that he is a character on a genre show.Jensen Ackles not only plays him with restraint and subtlety, but manages to make every unbelievable thing that happens to him believable. Jensen Ackles is a amazing actor who unfortunately doesn't get the praise or attention he deserves because his show is on a "network" no one respects.It still blows my mind to this day when people ask me who this 'Jensen Ackles' that I'm in love with is because a man with talents like that need to be acknowledged.Jensen Ackles has a talent that is beyond his years.

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I feel like I truly know Dean personally and that makes me smile so much.

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