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After Garrett and his mother undertook research on the name, they found that the name "Garrett" held connotations of strength, so the name stuck.

In the 1980s Garrett returned to acting, appearing in a small role as Bob Sheldon in the 1983 Francis Ford Coppola film The Outsiders.

In the first few years of his career Garrett performed under the name of "Leif Per", however casting agents found the name difficult to pronounce (Per is pronounced the same way as "pair" or "pear").

In 1971, Garrett received a check in the mail incorrectly addressed to a "Leif Garrett".

The story line is that of a father and two sons, grief stricken over the death of their wife and mother sell their house, buy a recreational vehicle, and roam throughout the United States.

Garrett’s appearance in the program triggered a response from teenage girls, and led to his first appearances in teenage magazines, such as Tiger Beat.

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Leif also played the role of Leonard Unger, the son of Felix Unger (Tony Randall), on the ABC series The Odd Couple, a part that previously was played by Willie Aames.