Who is luann from real housewives of new york dating

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Who is luann from real housewives of new york dating

The entirety of Season 9 revolved around her whirlwind, supposedly fairytale romance with Tom D'Agostino, which ended just seven months after they got married in a huge, broadcast affair.

So as fans tune in for Season 10, they may be wondering: who is Luann de Lesseps dating now?

Carole prepares for her first marathon and gains a new sense of purpose and confidence, which leads to a separation from Bethenny.

Additionally, while Ramona still has a tumultuous relationship with Bethenny and just can’t seem to win her over, she has also caught the decorating bug, and is revamping her Hamptons home to close the final chapter on her life with Mario.

"I saw a quick head turn as we we coming up the stairs," Dorinda revealed. Still alive."In an interview with It’s funny, her and I were saying — the men come to us. I know [Bethenny Frankel] comes from a place of ‘yes,’ but I’m sometimes just having to say — I’m, most of the time, saying no.

It’s like, how do you stay focused with the shiny bright lights of New York and all the temptation? Sonja went on to say that she believed "an older man with a lifestyle and his own set of friends" would be the most compatible match for her former roommate, and that the problem with Tom was his perma-bachelor lifestyle.

The feud between Ramona Singer and Luann de Lesseps continued on The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 13, and if it proved anything, it was that these two are never going to be able to get on with each other.

, Bethenny is hyperfocused on her businesses and her humanitarian efforts in Puerto Rico, but burning the candle at both ends leaves little time for a personal life.It was all about the countess, and the aftermath of her being arrested for a myriad of reasons.Obviously, the reality TV show cameras never really stop, so there was no hiding for Luann.I'm getting, you know, I'm looking for an apartment in the city. So, I don't have time for boys right now, but that doesn't mean I'm dead.She happened to be joined at that party by fellow Housewife Dorinda Medley, who swooped in to confirm that Luann was not, in fact, totally turned off by men, as she had checked a cute guy out just moments before.

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Meanwhile, Luann is picking up the pieces after her marriage to Tom fell apart, but when a trip to Palm Beach ends with a night of bad choices, her future is threatened.