Who is matthew horne dating

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Who is matthew horne dating

“He’s excited about new ideas and additions,” he enthuses.Horne, a big fan of physical comedy, is relishing Foley’s skill with slapstick. peeling an onion.” He laughs at his escaping metaphor.Nonetheless, whereas Horne had seized the chance to perform in Entertaining Mr Sloane because he’d been a fan of Orton since university, it’s clear that Foley was the major hook here.The pair had had dealings a few years ago, about Horne potentially taking over a role in Foley’s Jeeves and Wooster.“He got up and just started loosely playing all the characters,” recalls Horne, with a grin. It sounded like a really interesting, funny and exciting project.” After what Horne makes sound like a bashful courtship (he didn’t want to ask to be in Foley’s next project while they were still rehearsing The Catherine Tate Show Live), Foley turned up at his dressing room. For someone so interested in the mechanics and dynamics of comedy, “that’s a great place to work from”.

He’s enthusiastic about Foley’s “comedic nous”, singular vision and process as a director.

The actor and comedian Mathew Horne, 34, is best known for his roles in Gavin & Stacey and Bad Education.

He first performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 2000, where he was spotted by Catherine Tate, who invited him to perform on her show. I lived alone at university and I loved how the flat was exactly the same when I got home as it had been when I’d left it. I had a friend staying recently and I thought it would be a really good idea.

We’re meeting because of his latest theatrical foray – one, it transpires, that circles back to Tate.

He’s playing the man-servant Valere, opposite Griff Rhys Jones’ tight-fisted Harpagon, in a new production of Moliere’s bawdy 17th-century comedy The Miser.

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Horne’s been the comic foil to James Corden’s wisecracking Smithy in Gavin and Stacey, and to the deliciously actor,” he says.