Who is ryan from teen mom dating

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Who is ryan from teen mom dating

On a 2016 episode of , no-nonsense Bookout told Mackenzie, "I really, really appreciate you," adding that she sees her as the grade-schooler's second mom: "All I ever wanted was for Ryan to find someone that makes him happy and a woman that will treat my son as their own child." Soon the pair settled into a pleasant life on a Tennessee lake, filling their days with ATVs, sunset boat rides and nights on the couch watching .

By that December—two months after Mackenzie caught the bouquet at Bookout's Florida wedding to Taylor Mc Kinney—Ryan dropped down to one knee during a private riverboat ride.

"I distinctly remember him saying, 'Would you give up if he was dying? He reminded me that if Ryan didn't get help, he would die." With that in mind, she established her personal deal breaker—if he didn't agree to get help, she was out—and poured her heart out in a letter. In late May—after a seemingly under-the-influence Ryan drove them to a quickie wedding that only his parents attended—he checked into a Texas treatment center with his new bride along for the ride.

"It spoke of our good times, our first date, our boys growing up and how I wanted him to be there for future times," she recalled. "The 11-hour drive to Texas was more than needed for my soul searching," Mackenzie admitted.

As seen on the reality TV show, Edwards and Standifer moved in together not too soon after they began dating.

This could be cause for concern for some moms who share parental duties with their ex, but for Maci Bookout, it was a blessing."I am so happy that when [Bentley] is with you, you can be his mother and treat him like your own child," she said to Standifer in a recent episode.

"It reiterated how much more he loved his family than his drug of choice. But until then, I couldn't do that." Tossing the letter on a counter, she grabbed her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy Chance "got in my mustang and left. "I did a ton of praying, a ton of crying." And the drama didn't stop after Ryan successful completed his 30-day stay.

Then the waiting game started."At first Ryan response was to fire off what she called "texts of hatred," but she remained firm. Just weeks after his June release, outlets reported he'd been caught sending dirty messages—and photos—to a Tinder match Aug. Asked why he'd be on the dating site while married, he allegedly replied, "I still like to have a little fun." But an undeterred Mackenzie seemingly brushed off the claims, reportedly posting to Instagram, "Strength is what we gain from the madness we survive."After all, she's nothing if not a survivor. 18 vows she dubbed "amazing." Despite threats of rain, the skies were clear when she entered the church at 4 p.m. It's like what I've always dreamed of."Now they're fulfilling a new goal. Opines Mackenzie, "I don't think she's very happy about it.")Even Ryan's legal snag wasn't enough to dull their joy.

While her pregnancy with now 4-year-old son Hudson was smooth—"I had energy and was never sick,"—now that she's expecting with husband of four months, standout Ryan Edwards, "I get the slightest smell in my nose and I just throw up everywhere," she admitted to E! "I was throwing up all the time up until two weeks ago. Now I'm sick again." But with her second trimester approaching, she expects less queasy times ahead and weeks of excitedly anticipating their baby's fall arrival: "We're definitely ready." Well, mostly.The reception that followed, in a converted warehouse, featured a touching best man speech from Ryan's dad, a first dance to Gary Allan's "The One", a "huge" five-tier cake and plenty of sweetness. Once Ryan declared on a recent episode he was ready to start trying for a baby, stating, "now is as good a time as ever," the duo decided to give it a whirl. And then literally the next month we got pregnant."Though their sons' reactions were reserved—"Ryan called Bentley and Bentley was like, 'Oh, my,'" says Mackenzie adding Hudson is too young "to visualize what's going on until he sees a belly,"—Ryan's was appropriately over-the-top. "I basically just threw the test at him and he was like, 'Ahh! As part of his probation, he had been submitting to monthly drug tests since last spring, says a source, but when he went to court in March, "The judge told him he was doing a great job and that if he stayed out of trouble until December, he would be in the clear and everything would be over." What Ryan didn't realize, says the source, was he had to continue testing: "As a result, Ryan accidentally skipped a drug test."It was one of those, 'Let's try for two months and see what happens,'" Mackenzie explains to E! He did not fail one." And while Ryan was "very upset" by the misunderstanding, says the source, "It was explained to him that all he had to do was turn himself in and it would be done."As for the haters, Mackenzie is done with them, too.But all that was dashed with one positive pregnancy test just weeks before the start of her senior year. The "popular" academy where her mom had taught for more than a decade expelled her. "It was tough." Things didn't get easier after she moved back home, but by scrimping ("I ate off the dollar menu at Taco Bell,") and reporting to work daily, "I was broke as a joke but we were finally making it."Romance soon followed.Leaving a Chattanooga, Tennessee gym in May of 2016, Mackenzie crossed paths with a charming diesel mechanic who, unbeknownst to her, happened to be an MTV reality star.

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"They have a very healthy relationship," she told MTV News.

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