Who is shahrukh khan dating

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Talking about her further plans, her father intends to send her to the US to pursue a filmmaking and acting course.

SRK wants her to be the part of both Global and Indian cinema.

The actor who is close to his two children was also given an ultimatum, “It’s either your mistress or us.” The decision was not tough for him since Priyanka Chopra didn’t want her marital status to be known in public.

And, SRK was happy maintaining the façade of a family man.

She is known as a media shy person but loves to play sports and dance a lot.But then arrived another twist, a few months after their secret nuptial came the announcement that the father of two was going to be a Dad for the third time. KEEPING THE MAN FOR THE FAMILY The actress on the other hand, seemed to have packed her bags dividing her time between Los Angeles and Mumbai, her singing career being her main focus. It seems the actor’s neglected wife thought another baby was the only way to keep her errant husband locked into the marriage.She was supported in her decision by close friends as well.It was then he made a last wish to see his little girl married.Our knight in shinning armour stepped in, as a gentleman would, to fulfil his girlfriend’s dying father’s last wish.

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He not only broke ties with his one time producer best friend but also had no qualms in showing that he and his wife of 20 years barely have a relationship.

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