Who is shakira dating 2016

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Such as the baek siblings, eun-taek, bo-ra, the influential parents of the 2 leads, and even every single mentally unstabe characters (young-gon, min-soo, sang-cheol) are all distinctly unique...You definitely won't feel bored with every aspect of this drama.

Watching this makes me feel heavy , I dont know but my heart seems suffocated that I badly wanted then together to end up happilly .. I love Gong Yoo so much but Go Eun looks good with Hae Jin too HAE JIN is now one of my fave Korean actor While Go Eun is my Only One ..

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Drama depicts the delicate relationship between female university student Hong Seol (Kim Go-Eun) and her senior Yoo Jung (Park Hae-Jin). Bora and Eun tak were so cute that the drama characters were better than the webtoon, maybe because Bora in the drama is cute and OMG, Nam Joo Hyuk ? Yu Jung and Hong Seol, on the webtoon or on the tv series were great, KGE as Seol is perfect, and PHJ as Jung, whoooah, from good looks to being able to portray the good and bad side of Jung. Park hae jin, Kim go eun, Seo kang joon, Lee sung kyung ♡ 너무 좋아~~ Reccomended Drama Chees in the trap. watched it so many times and i didnt get bored, just like Goblin ;-) . even the ending is not that great but i knew already they end up together, no need to details about it. use the brain, they want us to think more not talk more! Did you know that the PD refusing to talk with the webtoon creator at ep 6 coz she changed the story line and she refuse to follow the webtoon....?? I really like park hae jin, he so handsome & so cool in this drama. it's extremely different from most of the stereotypes that has been runnin' so far! Considering the aftermath of this show, (material of the lead actor being filmed and left out)am willing to bet that the biggest villains in the "botched " second half are TVN executives who wanted to showcase the second lead (He was headlining Entourage remake- which seems to have deservedly flopped) and decided to use this show as his show reel of sorts (worst kind of in film marketing) ,a huge crime against viewers of this show.

its my first time, when i feel like it would be best if the lead actress could end up with 2nd lead actors.

i really enjoyed the time kim go eun with Seo Kang-Joon, rather than park min ji.i actually bored with the leads plot..

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