Who is shirley henderson dating what age do you start dating

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Who is shirley henderson dating

Born on 31st October 1993, Letitia Wright’s hometown is in Georgetown, Guyana. She is Guyanese by nationality and is Afro-Guyanese by ethnicity. Letitia started her career as an actress in 2011 via ‘Victim’ movie. After a year, she was seen in Hobly City TV series including Top Boy, and Random.

Henderson plays Judy, a woman who has suffered from Parkinson's for the majority of her marriage to Ed (Nicholas Campbell) so she is stricken with tremors and at the mercy of a body she cannot control.That was a bit strange." Myrtle will return in the fourth instalment, but until then Henderson will scarcely have time to open a school fête. You will have caught Henderson's best work, however, in the past few years.She recently appeared as a gone-to-seed wife in Intermission, and next up is Sally Potter's new film, Yes. She played the alcoholic actress Leonora Braham in Mike Leigh's Topsy-Turvy (1999), and has repeatedly collaborated with Michael Winterbottom, who cast her as a raunchy hairdresser in Wonderland (1999), as a prostitute in the snowbound Western The Claim (2000) and as Tony Wilson's wife, easy-going to the point of sleepiness, in 24 Hour Party People (2002).The onslaught of work marks a change from Henderson's post-Trainspotting years, when her part in the film that made Ewan Mc Gregor's career did little to alter the steady but unremarkable flow of her own. Only the keen-eyed and well-placed will recall her first big success, at Butlin's in Ayre, circa 1977.(If you want to go back to the video, she's one of the faces that gets spattered with flying excrement over the breakfast table.) She was also once a regular in the BBC drama Hamish Macbeth. There, she won a children's singing competition and was spotted by a promoter in the audience. " In the interval, she would duck under the ropes and sing along to the accompaniment of an accordion, while neighbours from her village of Kincardine in Fife looked on. It was all about enjoyment." Her goals haven't changed much.

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After a year, she got offers in other series like Doctor Who, Banana, and Cucumber.