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Who is stacie orrico dating

From the age of 12, she was writing, recording, and performing non-stop, selling nearly 4 million albums and touring the world.

At just 18 years of age, Orrico had a rare maturity to realize the need to escape from all the glitz and glamour and truly discover herself.

Sure, "Dream You," "Easy to Luv You," and "Take Me Away" are just your average pop/R&B love songs - cliched, boring, and sometimes a little cheesy: "." But the lyrics are harmless and are nothing like the overtly sexual dance songs or "man-bashing" ballads you hear on mainstream radio.

Nor do you hear songs promoting sexual purity on mainstream radio.

It may seem like Orrico abandoned her gospel roots, but this album was based entirely on personal experiences, and the songwriting process didn't depend on "squeezing two bible verses into every song," as she put it.

The first single, "So Simple," starts off with an urban, R&B feel, a la Nellie Fertado, and is about enjoying the simpler pleasures in life: family, walking in the rain, and learning something new. It appears that most of Orrico's hiatus was spent dating: boy, after boy... On the track "Save Me," Stacie asks to deliver her from heartbreak - whether or not she's asking God depends on your interpretation of it.

It seems pretty shallow for the writer of ballads like "Dear Friend" and "Strong Enough" - at the tender age of 14 and 16 - to now just write odes to ex-boyfriends.

On her sophomore effort, the gifted 16-year-old is making major inroads into mainstream pop with the single "Stuck." This new collection boasts a variety of producers, including Dallas Austin and Virgin Records chairman/CEO Matt Serletic.

The result is an adventurous set that perfectly showcases Orrico's vocal sass and youthful exuberance.

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