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Naturally, this has fans wondering if Kelly is one of the leak victims.While it seems possible that nude photos of Kelly could leak online since she’s obviously not shy about showing some skin, it hasn’t happened … In 1999, Sable became the first WWE Diva to pose nude for , but she was far from the last, as Chyna and Torrie Wilson also posed.The real action happens outside of the ring and we’re about to lift the lid on some of the hottest hook-ups in WWE history.It’s nothing new hearing WWE Superstars being linked to past or reigning Divas.She may even be recognized for her appearances on shows like brand to working behind the scenes with promo work.His love life on the other hand had a little more stability as it’s been eight years since the two-time WWE Tag Team Champion first laid eyes on Jennifer Hudson.It all began when Sherri cornered MVP for a Madison Square Garden match with Dolph Ziggler and that was that – the press were on it like wildfire and began to follow their every move.

” A few days later, Kelly moved to deny rumors that she would be appearing in the famous men’s magazine.These leaks are part of a large hacking scandal that has resulted in personal photos of celebrities being stolen and distributed online.A few days earlier, intimate photos of actresses Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson began spreading on the dark corners of the internet.It’s the reason behind some of the biggest feuds in WWE history as well as the When it comes to the world of WWE and who’s dated who, we're often left with nothing but a veil of mystery and intrigue.It’s the reason behind some of the biggest feuds in WWE history as well as the cause for celebration when some of the hottest divas and wrestlers join forces.

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