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The couple even has a son together named Aman Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry has spoken about his son with his partner Gelila Bekele and has said. Tyler Perry is suing his alleged ex-lover, Joshua Sole, whom Tyler’s now referring to as an “ex-employee,” for a minimum of 0,000!We’ve got the scoop on Tyler Perry’s upcoming appearance on “The Real.” Perry, who wears many hats, from producer to director to actor, revealed what it is like to take on the role of new dad. And I’m able to give him all the love and all the things that I never had. It’s amazing." Aman has two very famous godmothers: Oprah Winfrey and Cicely Tyson! He teased “not bad,” adding, “Cicely Tyson is his godmother, too, so I have to say that or she’ll get me.Speaking of his one-year-old baby boy Aman with model Gelila Bekele, he revealed, “All the clichés are real. We’ve got great godparents.” Tyler also revealed the best advice Oprah has given him.

So, imagine a man with great vision seeing this wonder of a man with greater vision. It reportedly took police more than four hours to get Sole into custody.The scorned ex was then taken to Fulton County jail last Friday and booked.Perry is now asking for a restraining order that would require Sole to stay more than 500 feet away from him. Perry also wants Sole to undergo a psychological evaluation and receive treatment as well as pay Perry a minimum of 0 thousand dollars!The lawsuit doesn’t state the capacity in which sole was employed—perhaps because it might have been awkward to list “secret lover” as a job title.

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