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Wu qi long dating

Chinese archeologists have dated the tomb to the year 1198 AD of the Southern Song Dynasty which means Chinese practitioners were using the has a number of concentric rings with a south-pointing needle set within a yin-yang symbol in the center.The concentric rings represent the various relationships of heaven and earth as expressed through the symbols of the ), four seasons, Five Elements, Eight Trigrams (bagua), nine constellations, ten "Heavenly Stems", twelve "Earthly Branches", twenty-eight constellations or mansions, and sixty-year cycle.This article will briefly introduce the essential elements of feng shui to ensure harmony with nature and will also discuss the charms, amulets and other protective and "good luck" objects which have been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese houses to promote good fortune and avoid misfortune.flow freely along its hidden veins and dragon lines with minimal obstruction by manipulating the location and orientation of houses, temples, pagodas, tombs, etc.A proper understanding of these relationships will determine the merits of a prospective building site.

It is also believed that a ghost approaching a "screen wall" will see its own image or shadow on the wall and be scared away. Because a government official's orders and proclamations convey great authority among the living, it is believed to also carry such authority among evil spirits.

The ancient Chinese strongly believed in the need to seek the assistance of gods and spirits to bring good fortune in the form of wealth and sons, and to provide protection from demons.

For this reason, the Chinese used the charms and amulets which are discussed in great detail throughout this website. Together they express the power of the flowing elements of nature.

福德正神) and to repel evil spirits, there are offerings of fruit and incense.

At the left is a porcelain sculpture of the "Earth God" which dates from the Ming Dynasty and is in the collection of the Xiamen Museum located in Xiamen (厦门), also known as Amoy, in Fujian Province (福建).

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It is one of the most critical components of a house and its installation requires a special ceremony.

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