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Kennedy, Dali Lama, Socrates, Tupac Shakur, all giving a positive path forward in life.If you are looking for positivity for women, the chapter on “Women” explains the extreme importance women play in our society and the respect we are due, pertinent to the #Me Too movement; “Health” shows us the necessity to treat our bodies in a respectful manner, and “Old vs Age” begins with a quote by Sophia Loren, “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity your bring to your life and the lives of those you love.He was a natural athlete, and seemed to thrive on the routine, the practices, the games, and at a young age, decided he wanted to make this his career.His dad and I went to every game, drove all over the place with a van full of boys, sent him to basketball camps, and even put him on a plane to go to Las Vegas to play.

Looking back through the years, this is something I never imagined I would be saying and writing about.The kid had a knife and my son’s dream ended in the parking lot of the school, a life changing injury that forced him to come home. I’ll never forget the phone call that I got, telling me what happened.He recovered physically, and eventually mentally, but his dream for basketball never recovered.It contains chapters that are pertinent to some while not to others, so it’s also a book that you may skip around and read a chapter that has meaning to you, to go back to later, to reflect, to even change your thinking.It focuses on love, family, life, environment, our growth as people but also as beings connected to each other.

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After returning home, he continued to read and think and one night, while lying in bed, he saw the word “Future” in his mind, got up to get a pen and began to write. And as he grew and expanded his thinking, the book morphed into its present form.

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