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Www friendsdatingblog com

The conniving rogue has been playing you for a fool. You start to build up a detailed record of your accountant’s sleep patterns.You wonder what it is that she gets up to until two am every Wednesday.One of your friends plays squash with Vanilla Ice and has his phone number.You investigate and it turns out that Vanilla has never adjusted his Whats App privacy settings. You’re dying to know whether your friends Lara and Tara are secretly dating.If SS goes offline between 1100PM and 0730AM each day, you can infer that he is following the plan and just seems dull and sluggish because he is a dull and sluggish person.However, if he instead only goes dark between 0300AM and 0800AM, you know that he is skimping on sleep to either party or play computer games in his underwear.You build some interesting graphs of the Whats App usage patterns of some of your exes.

J&K Bank Miss Call Balance check is the most appreciated one, as customers can check their account balance by just giving a missed call.However, this requires you to be friends with your target, and the Stevester blocked you after the Tinder incident a few months ago.You consider hiring a private eye, but then you realize that you can perform the same status-tracking trick using SS’s Whats App account and the “last seen” feature.You and your good buddy, Steve Steveington, are in training for an arduous charity walk.You signed up together on the spur of the moment and pledged to hold each other accountable whilst you got in shape for the big day.

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You can’t help but write multi-variate cross-correlation software that shows a striking alignment between their Whats App usage patterns. You register some more phone numbers and buy some more laptops to expand your bandwidth.