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Reed in his life and professional field." Art Bell: "Dr Reed, your critics are frantic to disprove this case." Christopher Montgomery: "In light of research that I have done which indicates that there is an ultradimensional nature to the UFO enigma, it is my opinion that this case has all of the earmarks of a genuine UFO event."..."The glare present in the foreground of the "Obelisk," is evidence that this object is generating its own luminescence, another characteristic of a genuine UFO." Donald M. I assure you that if I find out it's untrue that I will be the first one to come out on television and say it's a hoax, even if my credibility is affected." Bob Travers (UFO conference promoter): "Jonathan presented more than enough hard evidence at the International UFO Congress in March 2000 that is [irrefutable.]" Joe Dundovic (Minnesota MUFON): "In my opinion the strongest evidence for Dr.

Ware: "I dont know why anyone would want to make up a story like this. Apparently a human nearly killed an alien over a dog." Jaime Maussan: "We also have the interview with Mr. We cannot show his face, as we could not show the face of Mrs. Reed's veracity is the tremendous effort expended by the governmental agents to destroy his identity and reputation." Ken Nagele (MUFON, Orange County): "After talking to him [Reed] and his three companions whom I had met just prior to the meeting, I found no reason to question their integrity." Shawn Atlanti (MUFON Investigator, San Diego UFO Society): "I have been researching UFO/ET Phenomenon for over twenty-years and after meeting with Dr.

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Reed and his witnesses, that their testimony is real, corroborative amongst the witnesses, and consistent with the presented photographic and video evidence.

The presented details on the analyses of the hard evidence (tissue samples, Link artifact and video interference near the Obelisk) appear to be scientifically plausible to me, based on my biomedical engineering background." Now remember one thing, some of these people claim Dr.

Some are self-proclaimed experienced UFO investigators and some of them are stating that they have conducted a thorough investigation into Dr.

I provided exclusive photos, documents, and first hand witness testimony where others completely failed.

was the first and only to completely blow the lid off this bogus caper.

Jonathan Reed case has been one of the most widely challenged and debated cases in UFO history.

This presentation by 3 reputable researchers will proffer a staggering amount of hard facts and substantive evidence in support of the case, including video testimony of people who knew Dr. And this interview is one of the most extraordinary pieces of evidence, more important than I have known in the investigation of the phenomenon." "I just ask that you listen to his (Jonathan Reed) story.

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