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Yahoo adult chat alabama

Know the 220/PHT for MS...2-3 questions, one was which # (220), one was calculate- 100 (2.20) Several question on RSVP with and without shunts..4xv2....and*** RVSP=sys BP-VSD shunt gradient****. Which view to confirm bi-cuspid valve in PSAX- Systole or Diast??( I put systole- to see it open for football shape- closed may Hi...question..I know something has to be wrong with the way they grade those tests.Iwish I could remember the questions in more detail but here's my best: Oh-my answers are in ( ), you might make sure they are right!Know the leaflets of and which are seen in various view for the TV and Aortic valve, including in TEE.Know ASD and VSD- which go with which abnormality and their location in the septum.

A few on which coronary artery supplies which wall.2 questions on which walls are sen in the Apical 2 chamber (Inf/Ant).Myxomas, endocarditis, RSVP w/wo VDS (4x(V)2), MV normal area in adults, what causes inaccurate MV half time measurements and 220/PHT calculations- but easy math.Like all the tests, know the basic stuff very well and don't sweat the weird stuff.Like all the tests, know the basic stuff very well and don't sweat the weird stuff. " Hardly anything on WMA, PISA, equations, stress echo.Several easy ones; One question on prosthetic valves- what kind is a St Jude ( Bi-leaflet).

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Also, it will ask about "arrow #2", which you see later in the sequence.