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"We are all involved, myself in first place, and no one can be exempted by looking to shift the problem onto the backs of others," the Pope reportedly wrote.The bishops have said they want to help repair the damage caused.He never faced criminal prosecution in Chile as too much time had passed, but the judge who heard victims' testimony in a year-long investigation described them as "truthful and reliable".Pope Francis appointed Bishop Barros three years ago despite the cover-up allegations. The bishop has repeatedly offered his resignation to the Pope, but it has been rejected several times as he was believed to be innocent of the accusations.It is the first time that all the top churchmen in a country have offered to leave their posts like this. The upset centres on Bishop Juan Barros, who is accused of using his position in the Catholic Church to try to block an investigation into his mentor, Catholic priest Fernando Karadima.

This is why we preach Repentance that your eyes may be opened.In these latter days Satan has even stolen God's covenant with the earth and uses the colors of the rainbow to signify the worship of all forms of wickedness and idolatry.But fear not for God will put a stop to their Parades that have spread throughout the world, and God's judgment upon the earth is imminent for all the abominations people follow and will turn their glory into shame (Hosea 4:1-19).It is the key principle of all of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the axiom (basis) of the Word of God and a prerequisite and primary requirement for the salvation of mankind.Please observe the Header of every page of our website as it depicts the Mystery of God. The Word of God records in Revelation 12:9 that this whole world has been deceived, and what mankind must do to be reunited with the only true and living God.

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